President's Statement

Dear members and friends of the GBA,
The month of December, 2016 to January 2017 was an unprecedented challenging period in so many respects for our nation. Even though it was a period of upheaval and uncertainty it also ushered in a time for change in The Gambia, and perhaps the most noteworthy development during this time was the unity of the Gambia Bar Association under the courageous and purposeful leadership of the then Interim President of the Bar, Mr. Sheriff Tambadou, whilst the Gambian people remained resolute in their decision for change. We therefore want to put on record our thanks to Mr Tambadou for his positive leadership of our association at a time of crisis.
I am particularly honoured to succeed him as President, and together with the other dynamic and enthusiastic Executive members to champion the cause of the GBA at this time.
Indeed our profession derives much strength from human contact on a very personal level and through which we are able to assume a role in conflict resolution. What is necessary now is a sustained effort to build a strong bond between members and a visible relationship with the public at large who represent our client base. We must present ourselves well as an a-political association of noble professionals, endeavoring always to defend the Constitution of The Gambia, and educate the public as to their rights and duties. It is our belief that we are capable of achieving this by many of us helping in little ways.
However the spirit within this association should always be wholesome and strong willed. For such a situation will ensure that the Bar as a whole can be an effective voice for change where and when it is needed. It is our hope that such a spirit will pervade the affairs of the Bar.
Therefore as we continue our work in building our GBA and professional relationships together please keep in mind these words of Abraham Lincoln; “Every blade of grass is a study; and to produce two, where there was but one, is both a profit and a pleasure.”
Always remember that in unity we will even be stronger.

1ST MAY, 2017