Who we are

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The exact date on which Gambia Bar Association was established is not yet known, but available information indicates that it has been around since the colonial era making it one on the oldest Bar Associations in Africa. It is an unregistered grouping of lawyers which is regulated by its Constitution.

The Constitution of the Association provides that “every person shall upon his or her enrolment as a legal practitioner in The Gambia be entitled to be a member of the Association and shall upon payment of the prescribed registration fee become a member of the Association provided always that a person shall be disqualified from being a member of the Association if he or she is also a member of a parallel Bar Association.”

Section23(3)(c) of the Legal Practitioners Act, 2016 provides that the Practising Certificate issued by the General Legal Council to a Legal Practitioner shall cease to be in force if the Legal Practitioner to whom it was issued is not [within a 2 month period] a member of the Gambia Bar Association or other professional body of Legal Practitioners in The Gambia which regulates its members.

As an institution, Gambia Bar Association is still in its infant stages but the Present Executive Committee has a vision of its role in the present and future direction of the legal profession in the Gambia. The Association stands for the enhancement of the profession, strengthening of the rule of law, access to justice for all and the protection of human rights in the process of legal development in the country.